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Switching Solutions &

Unique Rubber Products

SCHILL Electric cable reel with H&H plugs & sockets


SCHILL Robust cable reel
Products and services

From the first step to the final product, our manufacturing technologies and expertise can take your needs from the development and preparation of rubber formulations, right through to the molding, punching or injection stage.

About us
H&H Ltd. established in 1958, utillizes a unique technology of pressure control in molding rubber coatings on connectors.
This technology combined with years of expertise has made us one of the significant leaders in this field.
Latest News 

Rubber Switch Pad

January 2015


The new pad keeps our combat-proven technology but with a low-profile style.



Electronic Activition Systems

November 2016


Our combat-proven rubber molded switces results in properties such as resilient and high durability.

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